The GCode ZERO to 100 Challenge 

How to Get Started

Before you start, I want you to know that there is literally nothing for sale here. I will not ask you for a credit card and I won't be emailing or upselling you.

This challenge is my way of helping you live the life you've always desired. I don't want your money. I want you to change your life into what you've always known it could be. Your Life Improving Is My Payment. I'm dead serious, there are no gimmicks or products for sale here.

Ready To Level Up?

 Prizes Include: GCode hats, FYE and GCode hoodies, Tshirts, coaching calls with Ryan, and more!!!

We will announce the all of the winners the first week of each month.

   GCODE Challenge has changed hundreds of lives and has ultimately transformed them into the most elite version of themselves.

Here Is How To Get Started.

 Step #1  Read all steps & rules before moving forward.

 Step #2 Register your GCode App at

 Step #3 Use Invite code = GREATNESS (all caps).

 Step #4 Bookmark the GCode to your phone. Click here to see how.

 Step #5 Make sure you enter your details daily.

 Step #6  At 4 points max per day, you should take less than 30 days to hit 100.

The Rules!

 Rule #1  Must follow the GCode daily and enter details daily into the app.

 Rule #2 Must have consistent streak in the app (no days off).

 Rule #3 Must screenshot your score on social media daily with "#0to100" hashtag.

 Rule #4 When you hit 100, screenshot your score & email photo to with subject line "0to100 done" to be entered in the giveaways.

 GCODE #1:


The practice of gratitude is the most powerful tool you have to combat any challenge you face in life. You can turn the worst to the best, and go from living well to living a magnificent life. 

Keep a journal of 5 people or things you're grateful for every single day.

 GCODE #2:


If you're going to build a legacy that withstands the test of time, staying fit by eating healthy through diet and exercise will make you the beast required to be the very best in everything you do.

Your body doesn't take a day off, so why should you?

Exercise and eat healthy consistently and you'll feel younger, perform better, and have the strength to run the world!

 GCODE #3:


Over the course of your lifetime, you'll spend over 90,000 hours "at work."

When you only focus on the important things at work, your time there becomes more fun. 

G-Code will help you become productive, increase your income, and get your time back.

 GCODE #4:


You are the sum of the 5 people you spend the most time with every day. 

If you want to live an extraordinary life, you have to be surrounded by only the very best people.

G-Code will help you identify and attract winners to your inner circle.

The entire point of this challenge is for you to be on the path to becoming the most elite version of yourself on a daily basis. 

(If you are not sure what the most elite version of yourself is, click to go through a life changing exercise that will open your eyes to who you can become..)

Take The Challenge Alongside These Amazing People Who Wanted To Become The Most Elite Version Of Themselves.

 Peter Trevino
Apartment Heroes Real Estate Broker
San Antonio, Texas

 GCode Is The Way Of Life!

GCode has changed my life.

Gratitude, Genetics, Grind, Group

Applying Gratitude daily has opened my eyes to many opportunities and made me realize that if you take the time to write down the 5 things you are grateful for daily you are so blessed in so many ways that just alone gets my day going.
Doing the work daily with Genetics not only makes me feel like a superhero saving the day. It keeps me in shape to help me become the most elite version of myself daily. 

Grinding every day as we say focus is a super power we focus on the most important things in life with CORE values and getting them Dolla dollar bills yall.

My group surrounds yourself with a group of winners and you will always represent what winning looks like you have no choice but to win.


I challenge you to take the GCode Challenge for 30 days and watch your transformation.
I'm rooting for you.

You got this! 

You'll learn how to Unlock Result-Driven Perspectives, Access More Power & Profits, Increase Your Production, and Find Purpose.

Jason Norman

North Platte, NE

My G-Code journey began before the app. Ryan mentioned it early on in one of his podcasts and I loved the idea so I started with a notepad and a pen. Each day I would write down my gratitude list, my wins, and the lessons learned at the end of the day.

When the app was introduced I was thrilled. Now I could take the gcode with me wherever I went without having to be sure I packed my notebook.

Before the gcode, I had no direction in my daily life. I focused on one thing and set out to crush it. My family got the bad end of the deal most of the time.

The gcode has changed me. Starting every day with gratitude is the opposite of what I've always done in the past. I have noticed an adjustment in my attitude towards nearly every aspect of my life. The gcode helps me to stay balanced. To not get to involved in one area while neglecting others. My family has benefited tremendously.

The app is like a personal accountability partner in my pocket. If I miss something, it's there to remind me. And the point system really helps encourage me to hit my personal goals. I plan on continuing to live by the Gcode. With or without the app. If the servers are shut down one day, I always have my pen and note pad.

 Dave Comley
Elkton Maryland

 My name is Dave Comley my job is a commercial sheet metal worker in Elkton Maryland. 
 I’m just a regular non sales dude that gets to live my best life. On June 3rd 2019. I started living by the gcode. I Started by writing it in my phone. I haven’t missed a day since. I use the app now. And my app streak as I’m writing it is 590 days in a row.
 I’m telling ya the easiest thing to do to start your day is to write 5 things you’re grateful for. Living the positive life is so awesome. My life is a lot less stressful. I’m in better shape now. I’ve lost an easy 60 pounds since i started living by the gcode especially since I have to click the two things on if I stick to my diet and work out. I don’t like seeing those areas not checked off. I love going back and checking my wins. I’m truly thankful for the gcode. It has definitely made my life way better. I swear by it. So much so I think I got my gcode tattoo on my head a week after Ryan did. 


Shane Rosenow

Owner of Rosenow Customs 
Stone Coated Metal Roofing Specialist 
Neenah, WI

I just got to say that the GCode has changed my life! 

I have been logging into the app every day since it launched and I got to say starting my day off with what I’m grateful for is very powerful. 

This app has been keeping me in check for 693 days now. I know having a record of my wins and lesson for each day has also helped me really want to keep becoming the best version of myself. I find myself trying to get a perfect score each and every day so I know it’s been a great push for me. 
As you know I started this routine right after my near death accident and have been recovering from it ever since it happened. I don’t think that if I didn’t use this app daily that I would be still pushing as hard as I do. Thanks again to Ryan and the crew for coming up with this amazing tracker. 

 Pedro Meneses 
CEO - The Way of The Modern Beast 

 The G-code more than another thing to check on your list to do is a way of life. 
I've been living the Gcode life since 2018, and I can't explain with simple words the unstoppable human being you become when you practice gratitude every day and keep track of your wins. My business, my relationships, my health, my faith, everything in my life has improved thanks to the G-code!

Thomas Jacobs
Owner & Managing Partner
Jacobs Investment Group LLC

The G Code is not a strategy or tactic…it is a transformational way to live your life on a daily basis! My entire family and the teams at our businesses have all grown exponentially adopting this lifestyle. Simply put…commit to being the most elite version of yourself in all areas of your life…THAT is the G Code! Do yourself a solid and commit 30 days to the G code (there is an app for that) and watch yourself and those around you become the BEST THAT YOU CAN BE!!!

The GCODE Zero To 100 Challenge Was Created to Develop Individuals to The Most Elite Version Of Themselves. Join Us Today!